Divine Energy Healing

Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner

Stormy Lake

Divine Energy Specialties

Spiritual Clear

This modality is used for Divine intervention to align one's soul to their spiritual purpose.  (90 min) $135

Soul Rejuvenator
Balance the energy in your body (and release blockages) by clearing the primary chakras. Benefits may be felt instantly or may take 2448 hours to process this healing technique.  (90 min) $120

Harmonize YOUR Fire (Hormone Balance)
Connect all organs to the nervous system to calm and open energy flow. Harmonize body by reconnecting each organ back to the liver so everything works together. 
(120 min)

Custom Session
Unique session custom designed to your specific needs and/or physical ailment.
(90 min)

Adrenal Fatigue Remover
Stress reducing session nourishes the adrenal function and balances cortisol levels to create harmony in the body. May help to reduce salty and sweet cravings.
(75 min)

Adrenal Burn-Out Balance
Increase your energy, relieve anxiety and take your life back. May reduce inches around your waist. (75 min) $115

Energy Balancer
Increase your energy and relieve stress by making space in the body’s energy system by moving and detoxifying the lymphatic system.
(60 min)

Full Body Tracker
Assesses the energy system and brings com- plete balance to the body. Testing and correcting energy imbalances with acupressure and/or crystals and magnets. Includes a Wellness Tracker to keep the body in balance.  
(60 min test & assess)
$125 (120 min connect & align) $200

Black Pearl
Harmonize the energy system of the hypothalamus (the brain’s brain) with a neurovascular detox to calm the nervous system, release emotions and reprogram the brain to bring balance to the body.
 (90 min)

Revitalizing Electrics Session
Align thoughts, feelings, & actions to bring direction in your life. Works to help one reach their soul path.  (75min) $105

Deep Healing Electrics Session
Working with Heart’s electric system to burn through blockages in the body can promote healing to scar tissue, reduce electrical sensitivities and helpful before/after surgery. Safe with pacemaker.    (75 min) $105

Energy Reflexology
Bring physical balance for body wellness by releasing trapped energy (emotional blocks) and open the gates to the feet, allowing for new earth energy to enter and ground.   (75 min) $90

Brazilian Toe Detox
A beautiful state of peace is created as every organ in the body is safely sedated. For a person experiencing insomnia (not slept in days), is over stressed and/or can not relax.   (60 min) $40


Energy techniques on hands and feet to reconnect circuits and ground the body.
 (30 min)

Detox Footbath
Relax and enjoy the warm water as you energize your body and enhance its natural capacity to detoxify.
 (30 min)
$35 add after energy session only $25

Custom Aroma Blend
Ask your body with the Compass which essential oils it prefers to balance mind, body and spirit. Essential oils selected are sensory tested and a custom blend is created just for you.
$15 (2 oz blend) $18 (add a flower essence to blend)


Gift Certificates:  Available in any dollar amount. 



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