“I AM” freedom from all the limitations

I allowed myself to create. 


“I AM” the open door into the great opulence of God

waiting to heal me, bless me, and prosper me abundantly. 


I AM” a being of cause alone and that cause;

Love, the sacred tone. 


“I AM” a star of illuminating light and my love is bright –

Love is Light.  
All else grows dim, Earth lost to sight.


“I AM” a reflection of the Highest, Purest, most Divine Light!



It is vital that one has space to dwell with an open door to Divine love.  It is in the heart where the healing process begins and
allows one to let go of past hurt, judgment, and transgression. 
gratitude and love willingly creates the possibility of forgiveness and true healing. 
Above all,
complete surrender is the secret to healing and setting oneself free from what does not serve ones highest good.  Surrender liberates karma, creates peace and harmony in one’s temple, and blesses one with the power to ascend.  Most importantly, rising to a higher level of awareness allows one’s light to reach a higher light and inspires others to shine their light. 

              It’s simple, Every One Heals with Love.

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