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Master Class Descriptions 

Aromatherapy 101

Aromatherapy can transform our mind, body, and spirit. Discover the amazing benefits of 100% pure essential oils. Learn how to make your own luxurious personal products like bath salts, aromatic mists and therapeutic roll-ons. Make your own aromatherapy blend.

Advanced Aromatherapy 

Delve a little deeper into the world of Aromatherapy. In this class we look at a wider array of 100% pure essential oils and their healing properties. Make your own aromatherapy blend.

Aromatherapy for the Holidays

Come join in the fun and learn about using aromatherapy to make your own aromatic gifts this holiday season. Learn how to make your own body sprays, massage roll-ons and lotions. It's fun and you only need a few simple ingredients. Class includes aromatherapy kit.

Bath Salt Art

Learn how to make 100% natural bath salts which can easily be recreated in your own home to use yourself, give as gifts, or to make at a party. One bottle of bath salts included!

Clean Green

Remove some of the most deadly toxins in your household. Learn how to Clean Green. With a few simple ingredients, you can make your own cleaning products that are chemical-free, earth-friendly, septic tank-friendly and more cost-efficient. Feel great while cleaning!

Discovering Wellness

Getting healthy can seem so overwhelming! Many don't know where to start. Come and discuss fundamental ways to reclaim your health and upgrade your lifestyle!

First Aid Aromatherapy 

Learn how to use natural products to take care of basic first aid for yourself and your family. Find out the products to stock up and have on hand when a crisis arises. Be prepared for everything!

Perfume Making

An amazing aromatic experience! Learn how to custom blend your own personal scent. This hands-on workshop allows a novice to create a beautiful perfume. Make your own roll-on perfume!

Sensual Scents: A Couples Workshop

Experience the aromatic aphrodisiac essential oils. Each couple will make their own custom massage oil.

Soap Making

Learn how to make your own natural goat's milk soap with 100% pure essential oils that you love. Discover a fun and easy way to make soap without a lot of work. Materials included.

Stress Less with Aromatherapy 

Are you stressed? Whether you need to relieve stress, energize your mind, rejuvenate your spirit, aid in weight loss or promote natural healing, you won't want to miss this. This workshop will include stress relief spray and useful tips and recipes that you can use in your home or workplace. Includes roll-on.

Map Your Vision

Start a new year by visualizing your goals and making a Vision Board. Map out your successful year in a fun and creative way.


Body Systems

Circulatory System: Amazing Micro Super-Highway

Heart Disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the U.S. Learn how to support your circulatory system and reduce your risk of heart attack and cardiovascular diseases. Includes booklet on Circulatory System.

Digestive System: Giving Us Energy to GO on!

Learn how important our digestive system is to our overall energy and health. Discover what happens when it becomes out of balance and how to help it work better for our overall health. Includes booklet on Digestive System.

Glandular System: Give your Glands a Hand

The glandular system is a communication network that controls and regulates a vast range of things within our bodies- including sleep, growth, sexual development, metabolism, body temperature, tissue repair and the generation of energy. Learn how to put your glandular system back into balance. Includes a booklet on Glandular System.

Hepatic System: Love Your Liver

Discover the important roll the liver plays in our body to remove toxins and excess cholesterol. Learn how a healthy liver can keep us clean, happy and functioning properly. Includes booklet on Hepatic System.

Immune System: Best Defense is a Healthy Immune System

Learn how to build your own defenses to fight off invaders and keep your body well. Includes booklet on Immune System.

Intestinal System: Taking Out the Trash

Learn what we can do everyday to improve our immune system, nutrient absorption, and overall health by taking care of our intestines. Includes booklet on Intestinal System.

Nervous System: The Command Center

Are you on your last nerve? Learn how to support your nervous system which is the command and control center for our bodies. Includes booklet on Nervous System.

Respiratory System: Need to Breathe

Nothing else matters when you can't breathe. Learn how to keep your respiratory system functioning well this cold and flu season. Includes booklet on Respiratory System.

Structural System: A Strong Framework for a Sound Foundation

Learn about healthy lifestyle choices and natural support for your structural system. Discover nutrients that the body uses to generate a strong structure to house and protect vital organs. You will gain a working knowledge of the body's structural system. Includes booklet on Structural System.

Urinary System: Balance your Fluids and Minerals

Do you have lower back pain, weak knees and/or ankles? The kidneys filter and purify the body. Learn how to balance your fluids and minerals. Includes booklet on Urinary System. 


 All classes are for educational purposes only,

please consult a health care professional for any health concerns.

Please pre register(and prepay) for all classes, call 407-656-9119 

Classes are subject to change without notice.

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